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What are the benefits of choosing your service?

We live for translation. We love what we do, and we employ dynamic customer service to support every translation project. Our head office is in North America, and we employ the highest quality translators to produce powerful translations. All our translators pass rigorous qualification and quality tests to ensure every translation is fluid and accurate.

How do you translate my project?

We will never use machines to translate your project. Our translators are actual human beings with years of training and a proven record of quality translations. Every translator is fully vetted to meet our highest quality standards because we want only the best working on our clients' projects.

What are your translators' qualifications?

Our translators have years of experience producing high quality translations, and they have the education and professional credentials needed to complete any project. Each translator has studied translation at an academic level or has a combination of academic credentials and real world experience to pass our most rigorous qualification tests.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements upon request?

Yes. Both Technovate Translations and the individual translator working on your project will sign your NDA.

How long does it take to receive a quote on my project?

For most projects, we can provide a quote within 15 minutes. For especially long or complex projects, we'll contact you within 15 minutes to let you know we've received your request and will have a quote for you soon, typically within a couple of hours.


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